“The War at Night”

Always the night, it will happen, so many times.

The rush has died down when it comes looking for me. 

Whether I’m curled up and holding tight, 

Or I’m watching the rockets fly in a strange land, 

There’s always the night. 

The reality of war before my eyes, 

While a catch in my throat says

It cannot truly be. 

Why does my soul end up in this torn place when it knows the way home? 

Is it bound to replay until a sort of homecoming?

What do the other soldiers see when their hearts feel the same as me?

The sky is changing, something has started,

Now we wait to see it play out.

Here on the ground we cannot hide. 

Perhaps we’ll see another day. 

Rockets, flashes of light, swirling charcoal winds overhead. 

Passing so many deaths along the highway. 

Catching breath and holding it in, 

Exhaling would mean

It’s real. 

The children who call themselves men

Have done it again

Now we wait for the explosions to take place. 

Our lives are in our own hands, 

Security is long lost in this age. 

There’s no ground built by flesh and bone

To keep us from falling anymore. 

Turn off my brain and move in strength;  

Climbing barbed wire fences, 

Always running,

Pushing elevator buttons

That don’t work, 

No rest for me 

When the sun takes its break. 

Walking dark streets, 

Praying as I make it through alleyways.

It’s an in between world 7 days a week

When the rest of you go to sleep.