“The Net”

It lands in the water and slowly settles,

then makes its descent until it hits the bottom,

releasing small clouds of dusty sand. 

Woven strands in a pattern of diamonds, designed to ensnare. 

Sometimes, it lures with the promise of sustenance,

other times it’s a shocking slap of reality when it’s occupants realize their entrapment. 

At this point, a crucial choice is made: fight for freedom or acquiesce.

Frequently, the choice is based on what the fellow prisoners are doing. 

Tighter, smaller, constricting-the net closes

as thoughts of what was and what could be race in their minds.

It’s never a sudden ending,

far better to slowly stun and distract them

while the bigger fish pulls the strings. 

When night’s last breath exhales, they no longer remember how it used to be.