“The Enduring”

It started with a rarely seen scrap of blue fabric,

there were two humans with it on their faces. 

Half an expression apparent, unreadable eyes, the rest cloaked beneath a disposable mask. 

Maybe they’re just extra careful. 

This was the beginning. 

Life has divided like cells into a before and a never-ending during. 

Just a few weeks to flatten the curve. 

Maybe 21 days to tolerate inconvenience, 

maybe being the biggest word we’ve ever held onto like a life raft on a waterfall. 

Fear didn’t announce itself at the front door,

it crept in the way noxious gas fumes curl around corners and unfold on surprised victims. 

Fear in the form of liberal versus conservative.

Fear in division of men vs women, replicating and mutating in our nightly news, on our phones,

on our pillows at night. 

Stories of worldwide suffering and death from a pandemic that preyed upon the sick and elderly. 

A lab created bio-weapon;

the stuff of movies too scary for kids to watch before bedtime,

now it had crossed the screen to take up residence in “real life”. 

Numbers of dead related in terms of football stadium seats. 

We withdrew, shut our doors and hardened our resolve. 

Weeks spilled like ink from a bottle into months. 

Then the ink crept further, all over the everyday fabric of our social lives until we saw no one for fear the tainted air would exact it’s revenge. 

Now it’s 1 3/4 years later. 

The before and after still not available, 

not until we get past the during. 

Still enduring. 

Still dreaming. 

Worn out from perceiving so much fallout. 

We are history as it collects momentum.

Before it yellows with passing calendar pages in a blur of speed. 

We are the in between.


Starting over each day. 



Finding our way.