Once Upon A Time


Once upon a time…little girls everywhere dreamed of what they would be someday and the amazing lives they would have; full of strong friendships, a sense of self-worth, skills that they used to make a difference, and happiness from living an incredible life. Wait a second-I didn’t say they were sleeping in the backseat of a car with one thin blanket, stomach rumbling from hunger, and wiping tears of frustration and sadness. That’s not the one we all imagined. We want the one that makes us feel good. Ok, here’s how you get it.

What if I told you that by reaching out to the girls just like that one in the car, that we could help and inspire them to become women who would live the first story? It’s obvious that our society has a considerable way to go to level the playing field for women, as seen by the #metoo movement and recent political events.

As the little girl from that scenario in the car, I know personally what it takes to overcome a tough set of circumstances and now it’s my mission to empower girls and women that need inspiration, encouragement, and a little guidance to find their way to a more purposeful life.

As a mom of two girls, I pay close attention to: what they read, watch, listen to, and how much time they spend on media. A healthy life doesn’t just happen without boundaries and good practices. As a former high school counselor, I observed, interacted with, and guided countless teens through the peaks and valleys of adolescence. I also comforted parents and guardians who wanted to learn the best way to love and raise their children. The tools you need to build your story are readily available and I have a few resources that you should check out.

If you want to see a positive change in your life, take a look at the lyrics in the music you’re listening to.

What does it tell you about yourself?

How does it make you feel?

What are your books or magazines doing to nourish your sense of worth?

Are they feeding you and building you up or trying to mold you into something that doesn’t feel right?

What movies do you love and why do they speak to your heart and mind?

Do you look at your phone when you’re with other people?

What is that saying to them about their value to you?

Right now, do three things that will make a difference in your life.

  1. Go to https://www.proverbs31.org/ and sign-up for the daily email. It’s so encouraging!
  2. Bake or buy something for a friend and surprise them with it.
  3. Make a list of things you want in your life and then start breaking it down into steps. What are the obstacles? How can you get around them? Who can you reach out to for help?

I promise that a life worth telling stories about it possible when you take a good look at where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go. Now ask God to lead you and be prepared for amazing things to happen. Tell me about the first step you are going to take today, I want to hear from my warriors in training out there!


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