Liquid Stars

The tall, slender jars are continually pouring into each other, a steady stream of sparkling water that seems encouraging. It brings to mind the familial relationship as it should be. This minimal concrete fountain never caught my eye before, but today it hits me like a brick wall. How simple the gospel is; pour yourself out and fill up others.

Completely contradictory to our Western culture that focuses on self-achievement and acquisitions. I’m becoming fascinated by paradoxes. If it’s backwards, what does the world look like through those lenses instead?

We give, we donate, we help. We bite a tongue that wants to curse and we swallow selfish comparisons and replace them with hands that serve. Our life changes because we move the spotlight off of ourselves. Living water that shines and sparkles like liquid stars, illuminating others and refreshing their souls; that’s the starting point. Letting go feels foreign. A new page begins.