Is The Noise Driving You Crazy?

Noise. It’s everywhere. So many types and so many causes. We even categorize it into good noise versus bad noise. We like it when it makes us feel a certain way. Sometimes the noise can’t be molded or controlled, it gets to be overwhelming and there’s a tug of war in our minds between all the things we should do, have to do, want to do. So many requests. Time to change the channel. Where’s the one that calms us and makes us feel normal again? That one needs to be programmed as a preset so it’s easy to find.

Station 1: Fun Car Ride, No Kid Arguments.

Station 2: Comforting/Nacham

Station 3: Date Night 80’s Music.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about. I’ll take Station 2 please. Nacham is Hebrew for comfort and I’d like a double serving of that please.

Today I sat on a rock at the botanical garden while my kids played (nicely) and tried to remember the perfect peace I had that one day in the desert. The day that I heard God say “Be still and know that I am”. (Psalm 46:10) One of my favorite days ever. I whisper, “Let me back in, please.” I sat and waited. “God, you are the one that lives in me, not the other one. Can we stay clear and not get separated by the static?” Suddenly, I saw a picture of gale force winds pushing everything sideways with their sheer force. In the middle, I sat undisturbed and He said “don’t worry, you’re with me”. Yes! Sweetest words I ever heard!  Now I’ve got a picture I can hold onto, what it looks like and what it should feel like to be perfectly calm in the eye of the storm.

Why is there a storm? Things are good, we are well and I am blessed. True, but don’t forget that as humans, you and I are subject to the swing of life. It’s back and forth every day, throughout the hours we have to navigate the normal up’s and down’s and if we’re not careful, they can take pieces of us with them. It reminds me of stories we learned as children about good and evil, about believing in the light even when you can’t see it. Neverending Story was one of those movies. The rock monster, the princess, the flying dragon-I love that story. We had to imagine and believe in things we hadn’t seen before. We still have to do that. Every day. What I believe in may not be visible but I know it’s real. “ There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” (1 John 4:18) I am redeemed through my faith so I have nothing to fear. This is freedom and this freedom is peace. Peace over the noise, peace over the storms, peace over the swing that is going to move back and forth every day. This love covers everything. Period.


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