Chasing The Light

The things we block out, we turn a blind eye to, the ones that we don’t allow ourselves to address and comprehend fully. Like cobwebs, they sit in dark corners and increase over time. Sticky and undesirable, they are the subjects we would rather not discuss, and perhaps we don’t even want to admit they exist. This type of denial also makes it possible to gloss over injustice or wrongdoing and tell ourselves, “what can I do about it?”

I’ve turned my brain off; I’ve closed doors to things I didn’t want to face. Like an imaginary curtain to hide the darker elements of this world, we’ve looked past the facts because they were ugly. I wonder if that’s how it started when the German soldiers began targeting the Jews at the beginning of the Holocaust? Did people avert their gaze to avoid seeing the condemnation and eventual murder of innocent people? Maybe they said, “life’s not fair and bad things happen,” then thanked their lucky stars it wasn’t them. If we keep the door open, does it mean we’ll have to play out the whole story from start to finish without twisting the outcome to suit our wishes?

As humans, we tend to think our plans are superior to anything else. This flies in the face of our relationship with God, who created us with His plan that far exceeds any we can devise. Do we trust Him or not? That’s what it boils down to. If we do, we live every day in trust, and all of our actions and choices are based on faith. Sadly, it’s when we step aside to be independent that we walk a different road that looks nothing like the one we belong on. Trust. Trust is what keeps us connected. It’s a map that guides our journey. It lights our way in the dark. Without it, we are lost.

I know that turning away from the ugly or unpleasant things means I don’t want to deal with them, but that’s probably the exact thing I should be doing. Maybe you feel that way too? We can move forward one day at a time and look directly at whatever we face, narrowing our view from a sizeable overwhelming picture to simple steps of faith. “In all this, you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials” —1 Peter 1:6-7. Let’s trust that the things we face are not too big for us. Here’s to opening doors and following lights that chase away all the darkness.